• Kaspi, Elementary School Principal Emine Kandemir, Secondary School Principal Zeynep Adıguzel and High School Principal Funda Kara gave speeches, respectively, all wishing their students a successful year.

  • Awards This year the 2016 Jinet-Sami Eskenazi University Awards went toSabi Kandiyoti and Boni Ipekoglu.

  • At the University Entrance Exam, Sabi Kandiyoti got into ITU (Istanbul Technical University) where he will be studying Business Administration.

  • She also thanked friends of UOMO who made this possible for UOMO students.

19/09/16 12:33

Ulus Private Jewish Schools (UOMO) started the new academic year with achievement awards ceremony

At the ceremony, UOMO’s Education Coordinator Rone Kaspi gave a speech highlighting what a great motivation it is for UOMO family to start the new academic year that will be filled with classes and social activities with achievement awards. She also thanked friends of UOMO...

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